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Ryvi has spent almost 30 years managing the human resource functions in small and large organizations across Malaysia,

Prior to joining AIMS International, Ryvi served as the Human Resources Director in one of the renown hospitals in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was involved in the healthcare sector for close to 20 years managing human resources and operations in several hospitals.

He is passionate about managing and developing talents and believes that for organizations to succeed, employment of the right talent is very crucial.

As a member of the senior management team, Ryvi had the opportunity to gain some insights on business strategies and policy implementation at top level to steer organization profitably. He has contributed to cost management and operational efficiency.

Besides healthcare, Ryvi has brief exposures in other sectors such as hospitality, transportation, education and training.

Ryvi holds a BA (Hons) degree in Humanities and Management from Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang) and MBA from Universiti Putra Malaysia, majoring in Human Resources Management.


I began my working life as a teacher, initially in primary and then in secondary schools. Later, I spent about three years teaching in one of the African countries during the late 80s and early 90s before venturing into the hotel industry as a Training Manager. I have lived a total of eight years in Africa where I gained a different perspective of culture and life in general.

Prior to settling down in the healthcare industry, my curiosity drove me to feel the working experiences in other sectors like rail transportation, leisure, education, etc. The healthcare industry suited my personality most and I spent almost 20 years working in this sector in various hospitals.

Having worked outside Malaysia, I have come to realise that the experience and exposure I gained from working outside of one’s home country provides a very useful understanding of the world and the cultures that exist. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

My experience in human resource for close to three decades has taught me the importance of people and managing them. Organisations becomes successful when they have the right talents. And many organisations face challenges in getting the right talent and I hope with my experience I can contribute to bridge this gap.

I look forward to working with clients to enhance their capacity and capability building and to benefit mutually from each other.