Gut Vellbrüggen 13
41469 Neuss (Germany)

After earning a mechanical engineering degree with a specialisation in aerospace engineering, Rolf Dothagen started out his career in the position of senior engineer in a small company. Within a few years, he became a successful entrepreneur and an expert on change processes.

In addition to his technical expertise, Rolf Dothagen completed a training as a business coach and has many years of experience in both SMEs and corporate organisations. He is an entrepreneur through and through.

Today, as Managing Director of 3p GmbH, he uses his vast knowledge in the areas of management, human resource management and business strategy to provide guidance to other companies in writing their own success stories.

Rolf Dothagen speaks German and English.


At the beginning of my career, I had not yet articulated the aim of becoming a coach and lending a helping hand to others in their professional situations; rather, it developed over time.

I recognised my strength for managing and guiding people in change processes – and my passion for it.