Regina is a university graduate with a degree in languages. She started her professional career as a technical translator and interpreter in major industrial enterprises helping to overcome language barriers in international businesses.

In 1999, she started her recruitment career in a medium-sized Executive Search firm and opened her own company in 2005. In the beginning of 2020, she joined the German team of AIMS International.

Regina has a proven expertise in helping industrial clients find qualified specialist and she has partnered with both, worldwide operating Manufacturing Companies as well as small family run and niche businesses that find it difficult to get suitable personnel. Regina’s strength lies in her deep understanding of the relevant technologies and her positive approach to creating strong and lasting relationships with her clients. She has successfully completed numerous search assignments across a number of business functions and she is a proven expert in patents and industrial property.

She speaks German, English, French and Italian.



Born into a mining family in the heart of the Ruhr area, I had the rare opportunity to go down into a coalmine at a very young age. This truly was an extraordinary experience. Not only was I fascinated by the hard working miners 900 meters below the ground but also by the technology involved.

Looking back that was surely one of the main reasons I focused on technical translations during my language degree.

Already as a student, I worked at numerous international trade fairs throughout Germany explaining machines to foreign visitors and working as an interpreter at business meetings. During the Olympic Games in 1972 and the Football World Cup in 1974, I represented Germany as a hostess, helping VIPs whenever necessary and translating texts for international journalists.

All these activities helped to broaden my mind and to shape my understanding of human nature. And, above all, they helped me to realize that my greatest strength lies in connecting people.

Not only did I show this strength during my “first” job as an interpreter (mainly in a technical environment) but also in my current activity as a consultant. Connecting people by helping them to overcome a language barrier is as fascinating as helping companies finding the experts they are looking for.

Apart from my professional career, I have a fulfilling personal life. Living in Mönchengladbach with my husband, I take an active part in the social life of the city - going to the theater, attending classical concerts, playing tennis and meeting friends.