83, boulevard Exelmans
75016 Paris (France)

Pierre Etienne de Moustier is one of the two Partners who founded AIMS International France in 1994. He has built a successful record of accomplishments in finding top executive and middle management profiles for medium, large, French and international companies.

Prior to AIMS, Pierre-Etienne was a talent acquisition manager and a HR director in the automotive industry for Europe and APAC region then joined a media company as a division director. Pierre Etienne de Moustier graduated in 1983 from a business school in Paris.

He is involved in different professional networks such as the Humania society (HR society) or the Medef (Movement of the Enterprises of France, is the largest French federation), the SYNTEC organization (French professional syndical in HR business).

Certification : Sosie, SHL (OPQ/MQ/360°…)

Languages: French-English


My professional experiences have allowed me to work internationally in different industries where I was lucky enough to develop my passion for Human Resources.

The source of my interest and my energy is to help my clients to develop their business as . well as meeting smart and creative people.

Over the past 3 decades, my commitment has been to help reveal people’s talents.

My other passions are nature, horseback riding, taking care of my olive trees and sharing good moments with friends.