I graduated as an Economist at Veszprém University in 2003. I joined Grafton in 2004 as a Junior Consultant and this is where my recruitment career started. During the first 10 years, I was part of the IT and Engineering Specialist team, and after this period I became the leader of smaller and middle-size recruitment teams.

Besides being in Manager roles, I kept all my operational tasks by conducting my own recruitment projects. Co-operated mostly with multinational Clients, I also had the chance to support both mid-size Hungarian owned and Startup companies.

As a leader of Recruitment Agencies, I was charge in planning recruitment strategies, managing P&L and growing business potentials. I have been actively participating in Business Development as part of Senior Consultancy, for more than 10 years.

I joined AIMS International Hungary (Simonyi & Tóth) in November 2020, where my main focus is on building and growing ICT specialisation in parallel with managing projects in the field of Engineering and Production.

As a member of AIMS International IT/Telco Global Team, I can also take part in international projects.


As I just recently turned 40, I decided to enjoy and appreciate all I have, that is a lot! I’ve always loved everything related to nature and traditions, like walking without any reason, taking photos or just watching an old movie with my husband.

After high school, I wanted to be a police officer but due to a tiny health issue, I wasn’t hired to the Academy. However, a few years later I joined Grafton as a Consultant and actually my investigation or let’s say headhunting carrier started here without being a policewoman.

I still really like researching, collecting information then putting together the small pictures for the right profile.

I prefer being active and multitasking, cooking with friends and laughing out loud while having fun.

I’m very excited and motivated to become part of Simonyi Judit’s team and AIMS International because it combines both being close to local recruitment and expanding my knowledge globally.