Oleksii is a professional in recruitment and development of senior and middle managers with almost 20 years of experience. Oleksii started his professional career in the field of FMCG and retail, being engaged in sales and training of sales team. Oleksii joined the Recruitment industry in 2002 within one of the largest Ukrainian recruitment companies. He made the pass from the junior consultant to a Business Unit manager, then he became the Partner and established the Talent Development practice. 

In 2010 Oleksii established his own company – Futurepeople. The core services of the company are Recruitment of top to middle level executives as well as the Talent Development practice including the cloud platform for 360 Feedback and HR Surveys, assessment, training and coaching programs for the people managers, other services.
The industry specializations: pharmaceuticals, retail, professional services, IT and Engineering. The majority of the clients are international companies.

Oleksii is the author of few books: “Corporate recruitment: your way to reach the Stars”, “360 Feedback at work”, “How to build the Talent Development Machine”

Oleksii has an education in information technology and psychology, he is certified business coach. He explains such unusual combination by the fact that he was always interested in technologies and system thinking, and at the same time he is sure that a person’s success, both professionally and personally, lies in the ability to influence and cooperate with people.

Oleksii is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian.


I was born and raised in Ukraine, one of the largest European countries with the richest natural resources and wonderful people.

I live in the picturesque city of Kyiv, one of the greenest capitals in the world, with my wife Diana and my beautiful daughter Maria. My wife and I have been in consulting and people development for a long time. This is what we like to do. This inspires us to grow our business and look for new opportunities.

Even though I devote a lot of time to business, I try to live a balanced life for my family. I believe in what is called quality time. This is when you give all of yourself, all the attention, care and help to a person, as if he or she is the only person on the planet for you. I practice quality time with my family. I try to have the same approach with my friends and co-workers if possible.

I play football regularly. Also, I play drums in an amateur rock band. We are happy to perform the classic rock ballads of Scorpions, Metallica, Bon Jovi. We also wrote few own songs dedicated to friendship, love and the heroic people who defend the freedom of our country.

I love to create. Creation is my passion. Whether it's the new service, challenging project or a new song. I like the quote “Impossible is nothing”, attributed to Muhammad Ali. I believe that each of us is capable of great accomplishments if we overcome our own limitations. And together people are capable of even more.