Michelle Perchuk is the Director of Coaching and Leadership Development for AIMS USA. She is an ICF Certified Coach and has received a professional certification for Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at Rutgers University.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from New York University and is an active member of the NYU Alumni Association. She also a member of the ICF NJ Chapter Strategic Relationship Committee.

Ms. Perchuk’s entire career has revolved around building relationships and improving people’s lives. She has close to two decades of experience at elite consulting firms working with Fortune 500 global companies. She attributes her success to the dedication to talent development and attributes the many long-term relationships with leaders and C-Suite executives. She has a keen understanding of the hiring process, building high potential teams, human resources, assessments, executive coaching, leadership training and executive search.

Her career can be told in 3 chapters. The first chapter is about being a successful executive in the consulting world catering to Wall Street. The second chapter tells the story of a successful CEO and partner of a boutique executive search firm. The third and current chapter is all about harnessing the experience and sharing with her network her knowledge and expertise. She did not become a coach, the universe made that decision for her as she is a lifelong learner and giver. Michelle thrives when she sees others succeed and loves to be an integral part of the journey.

Undoubtedly, many professionals are lost and frustrated with information overload. Their professional plans and motivation are compromised and they don’t feel inspired in the workplace. The marketplace today is complex and can overwhelm, but it doesn’t have to be. Michelle’s coaching style addresses the changes in the job market and the troubling trends present today. The workplace is developing at lightning speed, and leaders need to adjust and be agile in their transformation.

Michelle Perchuk is also author of an influential book on the state of contemporary recruiting and hiring practices, “Swimming in the Talent Pool,” which resulted from interviewing over 30 C-Suite executives of companies like AIG, New York Times, Scholastic and Citigroup.


My favorite quote is by Pablo Picasso and this quote keeps inspiring me repeatedly as I continue my professional journey.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we mist fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

I believe in the essence of this quote and about the power of having a plan and goals. Many people feel restricted by a plan and feel pressured to perform. That is why I most enjoy working with emerging leaders because they have an idea or a vision, they just don’t know how to get there and they don’t have the courage to put a plan together. When I work with leaders and visionaries I show them that a plan doesn’t mean you’re not creative, it means that you have a creative plan. A plan is an essential component of progression and life long learning. I am committed to helping leaders reach their goals through meaningful insights, defined action steps and accountability.