Since 2004 Michael had several positions as Managing Director within logistics full-service providers (land transport Germany / Europe, contract logistics, air and sea freight, overnight express distribution as well as customs and IT services) or trade companies, with direct responsibility for up to 4,000 employees. In 2019 he bought a temporary employment agency in Kassel, Northern-Hesse.


When I was sixteen, I participated in a school exchange with Fultondale High School in Birmingham, Alabama, – one year later I moved with my host family to New York until my parents convinced me to return to Frankfurt, Germany, where I was born. That’s, why I still have my own ‘Special Relationship‘ to the U.S.. After graduation, I joined the Bundeswehr as a contract soldier which I left as Captain (3rd/314th Paratrooper Battalion). I still proudly serve my country as a Reserve Colonel.

‘Development of logistics structures’: This could be the headline of my professional life. And: The broader the respective product range and the more multifaceted the production or logistics structures, the better ‒ and the sooner – I was able to demonstrate that the processes I developed were capable of significantly speeding up matters and considerably lowering costs at the same time. Because of my structured approach to work and sound knowledge of methods, it has always been easy for me to understand and define a company’s or group of companies’ value chain as a whole, both horizontally (along the value chain) and vertically (from strategy to the lower operational levels).

When it comes to HR-Consulting, I am focusing on people’s productivity, quality, leadership skills and on their strategic abilities. I consider it very important to have excellent professional know-how, an ability to communicate ideas and to teach processes effectively to all those involved in the value chain ‒ from warehouse worker to the Supervisory Board.  Something, that has certainly helped with the many accomplishments I have achieved over the years, too.

My wife Annette and me live in a small village near Wuerzburg, Bavaria. Our adult children Lena and Lukas live in Frankfurt and nearby. My leisure activities are Travelling, mostly to Asia, especially to Japan and Learning everything about Information technologies.