Matthias started his professional career in the real estate and construction sector in 2003. He worked for Bureau Veritas Germany as project manager. Foreign assignments in Russia, Austria, Turkey and Denmark followed. Later on, he was appointed as business developer and held executive positions in giant projects.

As project manager, Matthias was successfully finding, leading and developing people. However, in 2014 Matthias decided to entirely focus on HR – a passion he had discovered years before and a function in which he had build up strong competencies over the years. As an HR consultant his areas of expertise comprise employer branding, executive search, HR development and change management. Companies from different business sectors trust him as HR consultant.

In 2019, Matthias has joined AIMS International Germany to support great companies and great people in connecting, living, performing and learning together. He quickly perceives and understands the client’s culture and needs. When meeting candidates he is a connective messenger of clients and he very accurately assesses the personnel / organisational fit of candidates.

He is fluent in German, English, Dutch.


Born in 1974 I grew up in Duisburg (Germany). Though Duisburg has changed a lot since my childhood I still associate the city with the steel industry, the hard-working, honest and humorous people. I guess growing up in such a place leaves a footprint on you in some way or another.

In 1996, I started studying civil engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. While studying I had the opportunity to live in Australia and the Netherlands. I very much enjoyed being with people different to me. At the end of my studies I believed that my adventure and discovery phase was over and an ordinary life was about to start. Life proved me wrong.

In 2003, I started my professional career at Bureau Veritas as project manager. At the same time I started studying business economics. While studying business economics I discovered my passion for HR. I do not know if I have this passion or if this passion has me. However, once I discovered HR, it never let me go.

While working for Bureau Veritas Russia I met my wife Angela in Moscow. With Armenian and Ukrainian origins, she grew up in Turkmenistan and she holds a Russian passport. In 2010, we moved together to Frankfurt (Germany). We are very happy to have two children brightening up our lives – Konstantin and Leonard.

In 2014, and after completing a giant project I decided to turn over a new page and focus entirely my professional activities on HR and HR consulting. I love HR consulting, because it allows me to support companies and people in connecting, living, performing and learning.

great companies and great people connecting, living, performing and learning together – with pleasure and success.

When I am not busy with HR you can find me cooking, meeting friends, playing music, reading and doing sports. Currently my family and me live in Aachen, Germany.