After graduating in Law at the University of Pavia, Martina deepened her knowledge of the legal world, starting her career in a law firm in Milan, focusing on labour law. She also worked at the Court of Milan, helping and assisting both criminal and civil judges.

Her passion for Human Resources led her to join AIMS as Consultant in April 2021.


After studying languages in high school, I chose to study Law at University, because I had the feeling that it could help me to better understand the world around me. But the passion for people, for helping them and understanding them, led me to work in the human resources field.

I live in a small town near Pavia, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, a wonderful area with a beautiful countryside, near the hills and Appennini mountains. Probably because of this, I love spending my free time in nature, walking or riding my bike, but I also like reading and taking pictures with my camera.