I am Marinela Guillén, I graduated with a degree in General Psychology, and I have approximately 12 years working in the area of Human Resources.
The first 4 years of experience I worked as a Generalist in Human Resources for a local retail company in Costa Rica; and the last 8 years I currently hold the position as a Senior Recruitment and Personnel Selection Consultant for the global firm AIMS International Centroamérica & Caribe S.A.
I am specialised in attracting talent and Headhunting, for executive positions of senior management, middle managers and operatives for national and multinational companies; but also I offer other services such as coaching, outplacement, training, induction, process management, position manual, application and analysis of psychometric tests, interviews by competences among others.
In this company besides Costa Rica, I have had the opportunity to be able to contact candidates from different countries and markets for Central America & Caribbean.
As a Recruitment and Personnel Selection Consultant for Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean, some of the responsibilities I have to mention are:
  • Lead contracting processes in accordance with the clients assigned to Costa Rica, Central America & Caribbean.
  • Creation of profiles and descriptions of positions.
  • Domain of social networks, where publications or locations of possible candidates are made.
  • Handling face-to-face interviews with bidders.
  • Preparation of reports of candidates to provide customers with the shortlist.
  • Application and analysis of psychometric test results.
  • Verification of Labor References
  • Elaboration of Commercial Proposals for Clients.
  • Active and constant monitoring with the Clients assigned to the after-sales service.
  • Follow-up of Executives hired by the Clients for the follow-up plan with respect to the evaluation of guarantees if the case arises.
  • Execution of Outplacement processes.


I was born in Costa Rica, recently I got married and I am in a new challenge of forming my own family. With regard to my experience with AIMS, I feel very fortunate to be able to combine my work in the firm and be able to help people throughout the region; Being able to collaborate with companies and candidates to seek better opportunities is rewarding and that gives added value to what I am passionate about what I studied and do every day.

I live only with my husband, we are not yet parents because for the moment we want to enjoy a little more as a couple, we are located in the area of Cartago is one hour from the capital San Jose, Costa Rica. I am a homebody I love to enjoy my house especially in the area that we live is rainy and a little cold weather so rest is very appropriate. However within my interests I also love when I have the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. Either visits my own country I like to go to the beaches of Costa Rica. Our nature is a treasure that we have and one of the hobbies is also to take advantage of the local flora and fauna.

Together with my husband dinner time is the heart of our home because it is where we share our day to day and we communicate about the different situations and issues that we live in the day, besides that we like to cook together. We regularly visit our families and nephews.

Among the activities that cannot be missed is to exercise usually I go in the evenings, and weekend in the mornings. Eating healthy and exercising is an important part of my mental health.

Another of the hobbies that I like is reading, going to the theater, movies.

I consider myself a quiet person, and family. I like to share with the people I love, I value and it gives me growth, in addition to my family, my best friends are an important part of my life.

"Life rewards the brave, because God knows how to reward those who overcome their fears". Ismael Cala