Lefki Avdi started her professional career as an Engineer and has enjoyed active executive roles such as Director of Debt Portfolio Management, Director of Operations, Business Coaching Director, Corporate Wellness Director and HR Director in leading International & Greek Institutions in the Financial, Technology and Consulting Sectors. She has studied Civil Engineering and holds a MSc in Financial Engineering Management from COLUMBIA University, New York

While working in the corporate environment, driven by a genuine interest she explored the HR sector, acquired related professional certifications and today is an active member of the BoD of AIMS International Hellas, leading the Talent Management service line

Together with AIMS professionals’ team of solid Human Capital expertise, she offers a pioneering Talent Management approach to empower Organisations to spot, nurture, deploy, engage and retain talented employees in todays’ Greek dynamic market. The Innovative approach in designing pioneering and customer oriented solutions is her personal strength.

Fluent in Greek, English – Good in German, French


Born in Athens Greece in a family active in the tourist & engineering sectors, I explored multicultural environments through traveling and working since a child, and discovered my life passion, Music. Music listening as well as participating in non-professional jazz and rock bands, trained me and opened me up a new pathway in approaching values as teamwork and continuous growth, to navigate successfully in the corporate world. At the same time, fascinated by social economy and the immense opportunities through which blockchain technology enables us to create a better world, I am enrolled in related on-line certification courses
I presently live in Athens Greece with my husband Chris, and our children Maria & Marcos
Through Talent Management I am fortunate to share my passion to unlock peoples’ talents, enable a “know yourself approach”, bring to light new career development paths and inspire professionals to improve the world around them through themselves
Concerning my corporate footprint, I am proud of:
  • Leading the analysis and implementation of Consumer Lending Complex Technical Projects, such as a new front end platform, EMV, Chip & Pin, Contactless, Fraud Prevention intelligent rules design
  • Redesigning all three phases of Debt Management value chain (collection strategy, rescheduling and late delinquencies / legal approach), introducing fundamental strategic and operational changes.
  • Establishing and operating a new portfolio Management and Advanced Analytics Services Division in a technology company enabling a new revenue stream
  • Making a successful Career Change in the Talent Management sector, following my genuine interest and reinventing myself, through commitment, studying and working in corporations.