Espace Erreda, 52 Boulevard Zerktouni,
20140 Casablanca (Morocco)

Houda Alami is an HR Consultant, with more than 7 years of experience in executive search for managerial positions, mid and senior levels. Furthermore, my experience entails managing a diversified client portfolio for the following field: industrial, Pharma, energy, FMCG, Finance etc…

This rich experience has allowed her to broaden and diversify her professional network as to reach out every day to people with different backgrounds. This assignments allows her the opportunity to manage multi task complex projects.

Among her competencies are personal investment, commitment and unlimited availability when it comes to every project that she is assigned. And last but not least, she builds and maintains strong relationships with candidates and clients.

Today, in addition to the satisfaction that each successful recruitment mission brings her, she is also currently pursuing a PhD, which represents a challenge and major accomplishment.


Born in Casablanca, after the obtention of my Master's degree in Human Resources, I was excited to start my first work experience within a recognised HR consulting firm. This allowed me to develop my personal skills and to discover new cultures by working with colleagues from different nationalities. Currently I'm pursuing a PhD in HR and my main motivation is to achieve my objectives in order to continue progressing in my chosen career. I value sharing honesty and collaboration in my everyday life and I believe that striving for continuous improvement is better than perfection.

Besides, I enjoy volunteering in the medical field, nature sites and team-sports.