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Henry has spent more than 30+ years in Oil & Gas and other Energy-related industry across a very large part of the world.

Prior to joining AIMS International, Henry served in one of the largest O&G MNCs for nearly two decades spanning the whole of South East Asia as well as Aberdeen, North Sea fields, The Netherlands, USA etc. He had worked in both upstream & downstream as well as in the corporate head office of the MNC.

After completing his tenure in the MNC Henry served in various senior management positions in various Malaysian publicly listed companies involved in O&G and Energy industries.

Henry is a certified professional trainer of the particular MNC – where he worked for twenty years – and conducted/facilitated many training programs for the whole of Asia Pacifica Region, Canada & USA from 2013 to 2019,

Henry holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, successfully completed the Harvard Business Development Program and currently completing a Master’s Degree in Project Management.


I was, even as a child, always interested in engineering and technology and specially its impact in my country and on the nature.

After getting my engineering degree I started working in one of the largest oil companies and in the course of the next two decades got myself embedded in the multinational culture of the company by working in many countries and interacting my colleagues from various part of the world. This beautiful experience transformed me from the engineering mindset to the human aspect of every job I held.

I strongly believe that empathy – beyond any professional knowledge - is the key factor to be successful in any sphere of life’s progression.

Hence I decided to endeavour in the human resources arena to share my long experience as well as learning from the best human capitals the corporate are looking for.  With my technical knowledge in the Energy sector along with my professional training skills, I have more to offer in supporting clients to find and grow their leaders.