Francisco’s career has been developed in the Professional Services area, at first in the Strategy and Management Consulting business and over 15 years on Executive Talent Management.

His career began at Barclays Bank Spain, where he held different positions in business development areas. Later he worked in firms like KPMG and Booz Allen & Hamilton. In 1994 he moved to Mexico to assist in the internationalisation of the finance system and the arrival of foreign banks.

Back to Spain, he remained in strategic consultancy until 2000, when he began his career in Executive Search. After leading consulting practice in Seeliger and Conde-AMROP group, he joined as a partner EuroGalenus-Penrhyn International, a boutique firm specialised in Life Science and, where he led numerous projects nationally and internationally.

Since 2012, Francisco develops search and selection of executives in Spain and Mexico. As a Partner of AIMS International, he advises companies and steering committees in various sectors such as Financial and Professional Services, Industry or Healhtcare.

He has a Degree in Law from Universidad Autonoma of Madrid and postgraduate in Business Administration (Madrid Business School). Francisco speaks Spanish and English.


I was born in the lively city of Madrid. Since young I have been attracted to travel abroad and learning from others cultures. From Europe going through the United States and later in México, are countries where I have experienced.

My career started in the financial sector but soon I discovered my passion for the consultancy. Since then I have not stopped working with a lot of companies helping to develop their business and looking for the best Talent for the organisation.

I like to say “I tailor made”. I love learning from clients, candidates and peers – if you listen carefully, people will always surprise you. No matter how complex the industry is, there is always a candidate for each client and a client for every rare bird.

I am very passionate about helping board and executives supporting talent acquisition and offering assessment and evaluation to help identify future leaders.

All of this cannot be achieved if you do not have passion for live. It would not be possible without my family that accompanies me on this exciting trip.