Fabio was born in South Brazil, in Porto Alegre. He has a Bachelor Degree in Law and Master in Business Management. He started his career in Sales & Marketing at the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Brazil due to his affinity with the international environment.  After a successful period at AMCHAM, he started his headhunting career serving many clients in the industrial, agribusiness, consumer and life sciences segments.

Fabio joined AIMS Brazil in 2012, as a Business Development  Manager, quickly becoming the Partner responsible for the office in Rio Grande do Sul State. In 2016 Fábio became the Regional Director of the 3 offices on the Southeast Region and at the beginning of 2019 he assumed the President & Managing partner roles for AIMS Brazil. 

Fabio speaks Portuguese and English.  



“ I believe that companies are made by people, by talent. I believe these talent when in the right place, motivated and in continued development are responsible for the outstanding results. Working with talent today is a pure form of contribution to the companies. In a world more and more complex and dynamic, people really make the difference.”

“There is nothing better than travelling, meet new cultures, new places and new traditions, specially local traditional gastronomy. Cooking is my favorite hobby and almost a rule on weekends. On top of all that, a good reading. I always have a good book or magazine, everywhere!”