As Office Manager for AIMS Switzerland, Elsa Marie is responsible for various types of tasks, like managing AIMS Switzerland’s social media accounts, supporting some searches or supporting the Talent Management activities. She is also part of AIMS International’s Marketing Team


Born in Geneva, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, I was lucky enough to follow my studies in a bilingual program in French and English. I completed a master's degree in cognitive psychology and worked on the side in retail and in real estate. I also wrote a blog for almost 10 years about lifestyle, zero-waste living, promoting local brands. When the time had come for me to choose a path for my career, I wanted to bring everything together to be able to put forward all the skills that I had acquired, which brought me to AIMS. 
I currently live with my partner, our daughter and our 2 cats in Fribourg.
My main motivations in life are learning new things and sharing. I love to create and innovate, especially now with the tools we have like social media that allow us to exchange ideas with all sorts of people around the world.
As a hobby, I love cooking, gardening, sewing and crafting. 

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