Ede has been a member of the AIMS Timisoara team since 2016. Without her as Office Assistant, our office would most probably descend into chaos. She promptly supports the team of consultants and trainers so that they can focus on value-adding projects for clients, knowing that the rest is in good hands.

Ede is the first point of contact for calls and visitors, works with our information management systems and juggles with contracts, reports, presentations, training materials and what not. She is our own time-saver that we could not do without.


I jokingly say that my job is probably the most difficult in the entire office. Harmonising the individual needs and preferences of my colleagues is no easy task, let me tell you. However, it is all worthwhile, because we are a great team, have fun and enjoy working with one another.

The people I work with appreciate my positive energy, my cheeky and witty sense of humour, as well as ability to multitask. My colleagues also say that I make the best coffee and could have been a barista as an alternative career. Although I enjoy my job overall, my favourite tasks are those that involve some sort of creative approach.

I like to walk on the sunny side of the street, so to say, and find enjoyment in life’s small pleasures: a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine with friends, simply slowing down and taking the sun in, listening to great music and travelling. My home and family life are also an important source of energy. I absolutely loved doing the interior design for my house and I like to spend time playing video games with my husband and my son or catching up on the day’s events.

I love animals and lobby against their use as entertainment (for example in circuses).