Bogdan has been a member of the AIMS Timisoara team since 2007. He is our practical and hands-on Administrative Assistant, clearing our path from anything that might slow us down in our work (anything from facility management and purchasing to accounting and logistics).


My colleagues jokingly say that I have been working in AIMS Timisoara since I was a teenager. Not true, of course, but I was indeed very young; you could even say that I grew up in AIMS, both personally and professionally.

My role in the team suits me very well, as I am very active and dread spending time stuck in an office. Work usually finds me outside: driving, talking to suppliers and solving various administrative issues.

I think my colleagues appreciate my energy, practicality and hands-on, ‘’can do’’ attitude, as well as the ability to wear many hats (metaphorically speaking), pitching in and rolling up my sleeves whenever and with whatever my colleagues need.

I love freedom and the outdoors, which is why I chose to live with my family in the rural suburbs of Timisoara. Riding my motorcycle on weekends or tinkering with my car or bikes is something which gives me great pleasure; not to mention travelling and taking gorgeous pictures while I’m at it.