Bettina Bohlmann has a degree in Business Administration and Industrial and Organisational Psychology and comes with in-depth experience as an executive in SMEs. As an executive coach, trainer and workshop moderator for strategic corporate development and cultural change in the digital age, she is highly sought-after among SMEs and in the corporate world. 

She is the author of the book “Start-In: die Innovationskraft von Start-Ups nutzen”, published by Springer Gabler Verlag in 2021.

As a top expert on the topic of  “Digital Leadership”  in 2021 Bettina Bohlmann was inducted into the “Who is Who der Logistik 2021”. For years, she has been a popular speaker at renowned future conferences on the topics of “agility, cultural transformation and digital mindset” in the D-A-CH region.


Bettina Bohlmann speaks German and English.


I believe that people have always been and will always be the initiator and driving force behind innovations. Thus, the most precious intelligence in companies is not artificial!