I studied Organizational Psychology at Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Milan. Then I had an apprenticeship to get my abilitation as a Psychologist.
My career within the research and selection field started Hays with focus on the banking market. Then I worked for more than 3 years at Antal International, where I gained a deep knowledge of the financial services market. 

In March 2021 I started at Aims International to work with cross-industry selection projects as well as with assessment and development projects.
My personality and education brought me to develop a remarkable sensitivity and attention to people and their peculiarities. I am a skilled observer and an extremely curious person. I believe that these features are crucial to succeed in my job. 


I was born and raised in Milan, a city that led me to acquire a great open-mindedness and a strong intellectual dynamism. 

During my free time I love spending time with people, discovering new worlds and points of view. I look at the world with depth, never stopping at the surface. I love playing tennis and I love music in all its forms.

When I get bored with my day-to-day life l like to switch to astrology topics!"