Beatrice graduated in Psychology of Development and Comunication at Catholic University of Milan.

She trained in Recruiting and Assessment Center to got her Abilitation as Psychologist.

For the last two years and half, Beatrice has worked in the Recruitment department of an ICT Multinational Company.

She joined AIMS in 2019, sure to find a place where will be possible to grow as a person and a professional as well.

Since 2015 she have had the possibility to work with Clients leaders in Automotive, ICT, Telecomunication, Retail, Consumer Goods and Engineering’s industries.


I love smiling, spending time with people and at the same time to get my personal spaces.

I grow up in a big family and learned how to got respect from my brothers, got my independence from my parents and at the same time being the pacifying of the family.

My totem animals are Cat and Wolf, I run wild with tennis and calm down with yoga.

I’m headstrong but also very thoughtful; I love life and got excited thinking about the magnificence of Mother Nature.

I truly love nature, animals, travelling, observing people’s behaviours and listening to them; I like to spend time around like a spinning top.

To face life I love this phrase I read in a book “I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, I overcome my nightmares because of my dreams” (Jonas Salk).