Ashleigh supports the AIMS South Africa teams with talent management projects, including assessments, research and development of HR offerings. She has a special interest in sustainable organisational development and the future of work. While teaching English in China, after school, her interest in different cultures and how this relates to organisational culture was born. She completed her Masters Industrial Psychology at the University of Cape Town where she is a golden key member. Ashleigh is an experienced lecturer, both in-person and online tutoring, lecturing in Industrial Psychology and Organisational Psychology.


Born and raised in the sunny Cape Town, I cannot imagine waking up to a more beautiful view than our exquisite Table Mountain. After school I decided to move to China to experience something completely out of my comfort zone. Here, I developed my love for connecting with others from different walks of life. In my spare time you will find me up the West Coast of South Africa in a small town, Langebaan. I will most probably be tanning at the beach, reading a book (no specific genre because I love them all). 

Learning about different cultures is my passion, so you will often find me scrolling through for my next adventure. Above everything, I love challenges, which often include problem solving and debating controversial topics with my father, all while my mother hides to avoid any input to the debate.