An accomplished leader with an entrepreneurial mindset, Annie has consistently proven her knack for designing and directing numerous strategic initiatives for companies in diverse industries. She was instrumental in the success of a major organization and people transition in Malaysia. Annie’s experience involves organization transformation, leadership coaching, talent development, right sizing and executing strategic initiatives with particular sensitivity towards legal and emotional impact on the organization and on the people.

Recognized as an ‘enabler’, solution focused and a lateral thinker, she is amongst the pioneer in the introduction of career transition services to Malaysia. Her recommendations for purpose-designed intervention and support have achieved 100% success in mitigating unwanted legal, union and people-related issues arising from the rightsizing initiatives.

Annie is an active community builder empowering women and children for economic sustainability. She is a recipient of the Malaysian government scholarship, accorded to the top 10% of achievers. Annie is a magna cum laude graduate of University of Miami, Florida with an MBA in International Business and Marketing. She is well versed in Profiling Assessments, Organization HR practices, relevant Acts and a Certified Master (Executive) Coach.


As a child, I often accompanied my parents to visit the less privileged families, getting first-hand account of their life challenges and participated in initiatives to develop economic ecosystem that can provide sustainable income for these villagers. It is important to break the poverty cycle for their next generations to grow and prosper. Later on, I was privileged to receive full funding to study in a residential school and continuing on to complete my undergraduate and graduate degree in University of Miami, Florida. This experience shaped me into being someone resourceful and resilient. These traits have proven to be game changer in times of change and building the courage for people in transition.

Personally, I have been directly involved in touching thousands of lives affected by organizational transformation or economic cycles. It’s been my greatest honour to see how the people transform to being better version of themselves once they get over the phase of denial and moving towards acceptance.

With my corporate, entrepreneur and life experience, my mission is to continue making a difference for my clients and ultimately touching lives for the better.