An experienced Search and Recruitment Executive, with exposure in headhunting, with extensive experience across the EMEA region. Amina has a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry and is skilled in negotiation, technical recruiting, and executive search. Strong consulting professional with a Master in Human Resources Management at the National School of Business and Management in Morocco. Amina love helping people grow both personally and professionally, she really aims at making a difference. Also, she values each and every relationship and is grateful to be part of the AIMS International team.


I am a caring, thoughtful and adaptable person who is willing to lend a hand to those in need. Thanks to these qualities, combined with hard work, I was able to obtain knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills in human resources.

I have made it my mission not only to help my clients (external/internal) in their missions but also to support candidates and employees in their quest to find themselves in the positions they desire.

In my spare time, I like to paint, read, and spend time with my dogs.