Alejandro has a five year bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (ETSII Madrid): major industrial organization. RH training at Sundridge Park UK.

Working at AIMS Spain since 2006, he has a long experience in personnel consulting as Selection Division Manager at prestigious consulting firms in Spain since 1973, performing a vast amount of search and selection projects for different market sectors.

Skilled in understanding the needs and priorities of clients, he has solid experience in close relationships with them. He is clearly oriented to results and to foster loyalty both with clients and candidates.


I'm living in Madrid and I was born also in Madrid that is not very common, due this town receives people from many Spanish and international places. My parents and my wife, who passed away some months ago, were also from Madrid. As you can see my roots are solids.

During different seasons I had lived in other countries as Netherland- Rotterdam, England-London, Belgium-Brussels and two African countries, Ivory Coast- Abidjan and Angola- Luanda. All these stays were due to business I have also travelled to other countries for holiday

I am Industrial Engineer with Major in Organization that has low technical content. The main matters included in it are management, marketing, economy, human resources,…that were more attractive for me.

Over the years I discovered my vocation for human resources where I have developed my professional activities for a real long period of time. Specifically my experience is in the consulting sector with an international scope, in companies such as PA Management Consultants, TEA-CEGOS and AIMS Spain.

It is quite interesting for me to discover the motivations of people and their attitudes in different circumstances. I always try to put myself at the other side of the table and to watch the situation from there. It is, at least for me, the best way to understand their reactions.

In my spare time and for many years I have a passion for theatre and cinema as actor, producer and so on. In my experience these hobbies develop relation skills, empathy, to make open presentations and in summary to have a better connection with people in any situation, cultural or professional.

Other cultural sectors are interesting for me too as music, literature, painting- only as a museums visitor- and travels to know other cultures.