16 May, 2024

Valdo Spumanti, a renowned Italian winery synonymous with Prosecco excellence, fosters a vibrant culture of light, bubbly enjoyment. Their award-winning wines delight palates worldwide, with a remarkable 55% of their sparkling products exported. 


Balancing tradition with modern flair, Valdo sought to cultivate a more data-driven, managerial approach, particularly within the crucial HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe) channel.


The Challenge: Cultivating a Data-Driven Culture


Though established and successful, Valdo recognised the need for a strategic shift.  Their focus was on finding an exceptional candidate with a structured, analytical approach – a rarity in the often family-oriented world of wine. To achieve this, they required expertise that transcended geographical boundaries.


The AIMS Solution: A Cross-Border Collaboration that Yields Results


Enter AIMS International.  Valdo entrusted them with this crucial search. A seamless collaboration with AIMS Italy and AIMS Germany ensued.


  • Market Mapping: AIMS meticulously mapped the German wine landscape, pinpointing potential candidates with the desired skillset. This in-depth understanding proved invaluable.
  • Building Trust: Leveraging their established relationship with Valdo, AIMS Italy facilitated the transfer of this trust to the German office, ensuring a smooth and collaborative approach.
  • Intercultural Expertise: Recognising the importance of a candidate who understood both the wine business and intercultural nuances, AIMS conducted a targeted search that prioritised these qualities.

Results & Impact: A Partnership that Pays Off


  • Market Overview: Valdo gained a comprehensive understanding of the German talent pool, empowering them to make informed decisions.
    • Successful Hire: Valdo secured a candidate who perfectly aligned with their requirements, fostering a more data-driven culture within the company.
  • Data-Driven Approach: By identifying a candidate with strong analytical skills, Valdo positioned itself for a more data-driven future within the HoReCa channel.
  • Client Satisfaction: Valdo expressed high satisfaction with the entire process, solidifying AIMS’s reputation as a trusted executive search partner.

This case study exemplifies the power of AIMS International’s collaborative approach. By leveraging the strengths of its global offices and fostering seamless cross-border communication, AIMS enables clients like Valdo Spumanti to achieve their strategic goals, cultivate a data-driven culture, and achieve lasting success.

This case study is part of our In Focus series.

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