15 September 2022

The world’s second largest global network of specialists in executive and board search and selection just got bigger.

Businesses and other organisations face growing competition when it comes to attracting and recruiting the best people. That’s the case everywhere, Denmark included. It may be a relatively small country, but it is very well connected to the global economy and hosts a good number of highly internationalised corporations. 


“We are determined to offer the best possible service to our many globally oriented clients, and that meant that joining a truly international network of partners became a growing priority for us”, says Jørn Duhn, the CEO of Unique Human Capital – the new Danish representative of AIMS International. “It helps us when recruiting talent from other countries, but, at the same time, increasing numbers of foreign companies have shown keen interest in Danish talent and expertise in a range of industries. We want to help them more effectively too.”

Front and back-office functions

Jørn Duhn says that his team did a lot of research over the last few years to find the right network of partners. AIMS International had, in the meantime, been looking for a Danish partner, and, from its point of view, Unique Human Capital ticked all of the right boxes. Duhn explains: “We have a strong front office, made up of industry experts and vetted consultants, combined with a very robust back office, where we use proven tools and processes. These allow us to offer our clients the best possible support.”

The company is one of the oldest Danish companies in the business and has extensive experience serving the kinds of industries that AIMS International supports on a global scale. “We are especially strong in life sciences, manufacturing, and retail,” says Jørn Duhn. “The combination of our operational strengths and industry knowledge has proven to be a perfect match for AIMS International.” 

Indeed, the fact that Jørn Duhn joined AIMS International’s Life Sciences Global Practice group on day one is testament to his and his business’s competencies in this and other areas.

International support

All of AIMS International’s member partnerships originated in the country they represent, and they have typically operated there for many years before joining this global family. That combination of regional knowledge and local connections on the one hand and a wide international network and global support systems on the other is why Unique Human Capital’s existing and future clients stand to benefit so much from this new relationship. 

Unique Human Capital is a part of the First Chair Group, a Danish affiliation of independent but complimentary management consulting firms. It has offices in Aarhus, Aalborg, and Copenhagen, and a staff of 29. 

“We are very happy and excited to welcome Jørn Duhn and the entire Unique Human Capital team to AIMS International. Denmark and the wider Nordic region has always been an important market for AIMS International. With our new Partners we share the same values ​​and strategic goals and we are convinced that we will have a very successful and long-term cooperation. I would like to personally thank the whole team in Denmark for the excellent cooperation so far and Titti Hammarling, our EVP EMEA, for her instrumental role in making this happen.’ – Dimitris Kleftakis, AIMS International President


Welcome to the family, AIMS International Denmark!