18 March 2022

Dear Partners, clients and friends,

For the past two weeks we have witnessed with horror the development of war in Ukraine. The consequences of pure aggression and brutal military action in the country are disastrous and affecting many European countries. AIMS International has always been a global family with strong values that promote human rights, business ethics and compassion. We are people-oriented professionals, we care about people, we value every human life.

Our Organisation strongly condemns this war and any acts of violence! We express our solidarity with all people affected by these acts of violence and more importantly with the Ukrainian people who are suffering from this war!

We strongly believe in peace and we want to be part of the solution. Therefore, AIMS International decided to undertake specific actions to provide relief to the refugees. We will proceed with donations to international crisis relief institutions to directly support the Ukrainian refugees, we will work with our Partners to launch initiatives that will provide access to food, shelter and work to the refugees and we will stand by our clients, friends and family members who are directly or indirectly affected by the war.

Moreover, AIMS International will launch an internal process to inform all our Partners around the world about the sanctions implemented by the EU, UK, US, Canada, Japan and Australia as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. We will provide guidelines and support to our offices to implement relevant policies. Our hearts and prayers go out to families and friends on both sides of the border. We are local teams united as one Global Organization and we would like to thank our colleagues who are already engaged in multiple local and regional activities in support of the Ukrainian people.