24 June 2021

AIMS International, one of the largest executive search organisations worldwide, held a virtual meeting to discuss strategic business objectives for 2021-2022. Around 70 Consultants and Partners from the EMEA region actively participated in the discussions, which were held from 16 to 18 June. Robust debates on client strategy with a strong focus on Sustainability were led by the Executive Board. AIMS’ continued action to promote a sustainability mindset internally and externally is a key success driver for the organisation. With an integrated approach, embedding it into business processes, AIMS has already differentiated itself as a frontrunner in equality, inclusion and diversity programmes. 

Dimitris Kleftakis, Managing Partner for AIMS International Greece, was officially re-elected as EMEA Board member.  For the last three years, Dimitris has managed the Financial Portfolio for AIMS International and has also recently been appointed as Leader for AIMS’ Global Financial and Professional Services Practice.

Peter Barkhurst, AIMS International’s Global Vice President, congratulated Dimitris; “It has been a great pleasure to work with Dimitris in the Executive Board for the last three years, he has shown himself to be an efficient and collaborative leader and he adds great value to our team.” 

About the Author:

Article written by Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability and Managing Partner, AIMS International South Africa