11 March 2021

AIMS International recently teamed up with fellow Alliott Global Alliance (“AGA”) members in partnership with British American Business to host a webinar for the leading transatlantic trade association’s business community.

Against the backdrop of the disruptions brought on by COVID-19, policy developments related to Brexit, and the new Biden administration in the US, AGA—the international alliance of law and accounting firms of which AIMS International is an official worldwide partner — co-hosted  with British American Business (BAB) a webinar on February 23rd for the leading transatlantic trade association’s business community.

AIMS International President, Bernardo Entschev, joined fellow AGA colleagues from three other member firms to lead a discussion on the prospects for corporate global mobility on both sides of the Atlantic in the upcoming year.

The panel of experts covered important legal and HR considerations related to visas, short- and long-term employee migration for international business, and tax strategies and implications for businesses and their employees.

Tamra Eker, Managing Director at BAB, commented:

Our February 23rd global mobility briefing, held in partnership with Farkouh Furman & Faccio (FF&F) and AGA, highlighted the benefits of collaboration between BAB and other global organizations in an effort to bring timely insights on critical business issues to members. BAB offers a robust program of events, developed in partnership with our member organizations, representing a wide range of expertise on key themes across multiple industries.”

Expertly moderated by David Gibbs, Partner at Alliott, the program’s panelists also included Hunter Norton, Partner at FF&F, Graeme Kirk, Partner, Head of Immigration at Ellisons Solicitors, Bernardo Entschev, President at AIMS International and Kathie Gaber, Principal, Immigration at Masuda Funai.

“I’m proud to have joined my esteemed colleagues from within AGA’s global mobility practice for another successful event,” said Bernardo Entschev, President at AIMS International. “This is a critical discussion especially during Covid-19 times. Many thanks to the teams at BAB, AGA, and the respective firms of my fellow participants for collaborating to make this discussion possible.”  

170 members of AGA and British American Business on both sides of the Atlantic with an interest in HR, legal and/or tax considerations related to immigration and global mobility, attended the virtual event.

Giles Brake, Alliott Global Alliance COO commented:

“Thank you to all at BAB, FF&F and our member panelists, for their support and expertise in helping to organize this important update for companies facing challenges moving their people back and forth across the Atlantic. These are extremely challenging times for international businesses and corporate executives and their families. This event will have put AGA member firms on the radar of international companies needing assistance with their tax and immigration related global mobility challenges on both sides of the Atlantic”.

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