25 February 2021

A short while before the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise, AIMS International took the first step in putting sustainability at the core of our executive search and leadership development programmes, with the appointment of a Global VP Sustainability in 2019. With fast changing consumer behaviour in an increasingly connected and digitalised world that is in the midst of an energy revolution and a new generation with new expectations, sustainability is essential to profitability.

We put sustainability at the core of our executive search and leadership development programmes.  However, this does not only relate to our services and client projects.  Change starts from within.  As part of our internal sustainability drive, we embrace the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals, in particular, SDG 5: namely Gender Equality.  We can only manage what can be measured and started tracking female shareholding and employment globally at AIMS International as well as gender statistics on the placement of leaders in the different industries (Energy, Industrial, Consumer, Automotive, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Media & Technology) that we operate in.

Overall, AIMS International employs 67.8% females as Partners, Consultants and Office staff, have 37% female shareholding worldwide and, amongst the 22 countries who have thus far participated in the 2020 survey, 39.95% of all executive placements were female. This is not at all a bad springboard for reaching our future targets. Gender equality is not only about statistics, though, but about creating mindfulness and an environment where everyone can be the best versions of themselves and feel equally valued.

Because we intimately understand that sustainability is not a single goal, but an enabling strategy to reach your business goals, we put it at the core of everything we do. As Human Capital Consultants, we know that we are in a privileged position to influence  and contribute to global sustainability goals.  If you, like us, are serious about doing well by doing good, contact AIMS International to recruit and assess your leaders for a sustainability mindset.  Because people drive sustainability.

About the Author:

Article written by Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability