7 January 2021

Welcome to 2021!

As it is common at the beginning of the year, now is a good time to reflect on the past, while also looking into the future. And what a year 2020 was!

It was a real challenging year, one of those years that you won’t forget. A deadly virus, the notorious Covid-19, spread out all over the world, causing both deaths and severe economic repercussions. Many businesses were affected and many families lost beloved relatives. 

But not only negative things happened. We learned again that it is good to be human and be alive. It is great to spend more time at home office and close to your family, close to your kids and other relatives, whenever that was possible.

On the business side, we learned that we could do many things remotely efficiently. Less travelling, less burden, less carbon emissions and even less stress some times.

Some business sectors even grew a lot like in telecom, internet and technology, e-commerce, healthcare and life sciences.

In AIMS International, we had many achievements last year and surprisingly we achieved many important goals. 

Geographical expansion

AIMS International once again expanded to new markets. We had the pleasure to onboard great new Partners in Nigeria, Canada, Israel and United Arab Emirates (Gulf Region). And we did not stop there! We have new opportunities to expand to Malta, in the USA (new offices) and in new countries in the APAC Region.

Diversity – Environment – Sustainability

We have been evolving a lot in these topics. Many virtual forums were organized in 2020 and almost all of our partners are promoting and delivering diversity in their projects. We have many partners also with special projects in sustainability and now we are discussing and programming group projects involving all partners.

Web Presence

We consolidated our “e-presence” with our blog and social media platforms. Our new website was a success and continues to evolve adding our new services, new partners and more content about our values.

International Meetings

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our normal face-to-face Annual Meeting but we could host our first ever eAGM – our first virtual annual meeting. It was a huge success and we could virtually meet with our partners in all the 50 countries we are present!  We could introduce a new technology platform so our partners had a very organized meeting, access in real time to all-important documents, they could also comment, and take decisions upon strategic topics with a blink of an eye. Impressive! We also had our first virtual Global Practices Strategic Meeting, where the Heads of our Global Practices and the members could exchange a lot of information, best practices, and business cases and discuss how to serve our clients in the best fashion during and post pandemic.

Global Partnerships

We continue with our alliance with the Alliott Group, a leading global organization in legal and accounting services and with InterGest, a global export-focused business specialists, so we continue to offer our clients a comprehensive range of services from experts all around the globe.

What is coming up? 2021 just started and we have some perception of what is coming up.

We believe the world will continue in alert due to the Covid 19. The vaccines have been available in some areas for some time now and we see this effort being stepped up.

The business environment will continue to change and mature with some new “normal”, possibly with more hybrid models between virtual / home office and face-to-face interactions.

We expect new partners and new offices in 2021. We will continue to develop our social media platforms and technological tools to support our partners. Going into 2021 there will be many opportunities for new clients, new alliances and business expansion.  

I would like to leave here a huge thank you to all our clients, partners and colleagues because you are responsible for all those achievements in 2020. 

Keep your masks on while still needed and let’s jointly have  a successful 2021!

About the Authors:

Written by Bernardo Entschev, President AIMS International, Managing Partner AIMS International US