The challenge of doing sustainable business while the world is in flux

19 October 2020

Adding to the existing complexities created by more demanding consumers, digitalization and regulatory pressures, the 2020 pandemic has in many cases accelerated all the above and added a few more, to boot!  The AIMS International Consumer Practice comprises Executive Search and Talent Management Consultants on every continent who can help find and grow the best leaders for your businesses.

Sarunas Dyburis, Consumer Practice Lead, adds;  “Our location diversity and team culture ensures we intimately understand the primary, secondary and tertiary supply chain from the seed to the shelf. Each one of these sub-industries are specialist areas with their unique challenges, whether it is cold chain transport, agri machinery, processing, packaging, branding, HORECA, online name but a few.”

As a Search Consultancy, AIMS have had an insider view on Consumer business around the world for the last 28 years, adding services and expertise to their portfolio to support clients in this fast-moving industry and look forward to walking this path with you for the next 28 years, in all 50 countries they serve. With sustainability at its core, the AIMS International Consumer Practice is a team of highly collaborative HR Consultants who partner with Consumer Business Leaders, today and into the future.

Take a look to see the multifaceted industry the Consumer Practice operates in:

About the Authors:

Written by Sarunas Dyburis, Managing partner AIMS International Lithuania

Final edit by Leonie Pentz VP Sustainability and Managing Partner South Africa and the AIMS International Marketing team