Written by Olivier Legrand, Managing Partner AIMS International Belgium and the AIMS International Marketing Team

There are times when you need someone to lean on, someone whom you can rely on to support you with agility, empathy and a keen sustainable value-in-service mindset. We partner with our clients to cross this difficult period together and hopefully come out the other side even stronger.

Agility: AIMS International Partners mainly originate from the countries where we operate. When engaging with us you will meet local business owners with an entrepreneurial mindset. You can count on the active support and reactivity of our teams.  We can adjust the hiring process  to best adapt to local circumstances currently created by the pandemic, keeping projects moving to suit your business drivers. We will be here for you now and when business returns to the “new normal”.

Empathy:  Many are confronted with the impact on the economy of COVID-19, and they are going through, like most of our clients, a situation they have never experienced before and that they have been unable to anticipate.  All are doing their utmost best to protect their employees and protect their businesses facing an economic slowdown, not knowing how long it will last.

AIMS International is here to help as best we can, constantly sharing best practices from offices across the globe, coaching and helping our clients and their teams to cross this exceptionally difficult period where the quality of leadership is crucial.

Whatever the situation is now we all know that many of our customers will strive to achieve their yearly targets (at least to get as close as possible) or will be challenged to deliver committed projects on time once the economy starts to recover.

Having the right talent on board in real time will be decisive in reaching your targets. Our direct search process comes down to understanding your business needs, allowing us to find top executives, directors and managers who share your values and DNA and fit into your culture.

And finally, we are here to help those who, through this crisis, discovered that a new business model should be defined. Striving for sustainability is impacting, not only the Vision & Mission of companies, but also the expectations from the people who will work to make these come true. AIMS International consultants are ideal sparring partners to re-design team organisation, map competencies required, train to develop requested skillsets… and to support companies who are successfully shifting gears.

We have been around for nearly 30 years and look forward to supporting you, our clients, for the next 30… at least.

Written by Olivier Legrand, Managing Partner AIMS International Belgium and the AIMS International Marketing Team