Written by Bernardo Entschev, President AIMS International, Managing Partner AIMS International US and the AIMS International Marketing Team

We just entered 2020 and commonly at the beginning of the year, this is a good time to reflect on the past, while also looking into the future.

Was 2019 a year of blood, sweat and tears? Was it a successful year filled with joy and achievements?

Admittedly, we had some challenges, however, we also achieved numerous goals! For AIMS International, 2019 has been a year filled with new developments and exciting changes. During this year we further developed our online media presence, launched our new website and continued growing our global presence. Let me highlight only a few of the many milestones reached during this year.

Launching our new website

Our new website was successfully launched in March.  It effectively depicts our Find&Grow ethos, putting people at the forefront of everything we do. It showcases our commitment to provide sustainable value to business leaders and why so many clients choose AIMS International as their preferred partner for executive search and talent management.

A year filled with international events

In June, we had our Annual General Meeting in the majestic Marrakesh, an unforgettable experience where our Partners made vital decisions about the future of our organisation in a heart-stopping landscape.

We also had a special EMEA meeting in Munich where we tackled many of our clients’ talent and organisational needs.  A fruitful event with robust discussions which generated solutions for companies looking to expand in both the APAC and EMEA regions.

Geographic expansion

AIMS continued to expand globally by opening more offices on three different continents. We had the pleasure to onboard Partners in Ireland and Argentina. AIMS USA launched an office in the New York area.

New management team

I had the pleasure of becoming the President of AIMS International and we welcomed Peter Barkhurst as Vice President and new board members from APAC, Latin America and Middle East Africa. We now have a motivated management team in place with bold objectives, taking us into the next decade.

Diversity – Environment – Sustainability

The United Nations launched their SDG’s in 2015 and the momentum of this effort is picking up globally. AIMS International is committed to working with these goals – both internally within AIMS and together with clients in their businesses. In 2019 we published an article about female leaders, and we are proud to say that we “walk the talk”. We promote and deliver on diversity in our projects to clients, but we also have many female leaders in our own organisation. We advanced in environmental and sustainability topics and our Partners are already engaged in several initiatives to help our planet and engage business. Watch this space for further developments in 2020.

Global partnerships

We had the pleasure to start a fruitful alliance with the Alliott Group, a leading global organisation in legal and accounting services.  This partnership has already generated great results for both sides and this collaboration started only a few months ago.  Together with another successful partnership with InterGest, global export-focused business specialists, we can now offer our clients a comprehensive range of services from experts all around the globe.

Our vision for 2020

This year promises to have many positive developments and events in store for our organisation, our Partners and our clients.  The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held in Panama in June. We will soon open our office in the Gulf Region and Dubai is the chosen city!  Days ago, we launched a new office in Shenzhen, Southern China to strengthen the existing infrastructure due to rapid developments in the region.

We have planned a strategic Practice meeting with all global Practice Heads and a number of international initiatives are already on the cards! Just watch this space… 2020 promises to be a very exciting year for all.

2019 was an active year with many new marketing initiatives, projects completed, new alliances and new offices launched.  A huge thank you to all our clients, partners and colleagues who supported us and our best wishes to all for a successful 2020!

Written by Bernardo Entschev, President AIMS International, Managing Partner AIMS International US and the AIMS International Marketing Team