Written by Leonie PentzVP EMEA AIMS International

During AIMS International’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mr. Juan Carlos Solano, founder and Managing Partner of AIMS Central America, Caribbean and Panama, was elected as Vice President Americas Region.

Juan Carlos is a professional in the area of Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, with extensive experience in Business Management since 2008. He has skills in Strategic Planning, Channel Management and Communications.

Juan Carlos says “Being part of AIMS has allowed me to have a broader view of human development over time.  This position, along with the people working as consultants and partners in AIMS, has enabled me to do what I love most which is developing and encouraging professionals towards their growth. I am excited to join forces with my colleagues in the region and around the world on this new stage.”

Mr. Solano takes over from Ms. Cecilia Diaz, who was elected as Executive Vice President Americas Region.  Ms. Diaz is no newcomer to the AIMS family, and has broken ground in many areas, not only as the first Mexican serving on the Board as VP Americas Region for the last four years, but also as only the third female board member in AIMS’ 36-year history.

She is also Managing Partner for AIMS International Mexico

Cecilia says “It has been an honour to work with such talented executives from all around the globe. Each has brought an enriching perspective and experience and I am confident that together our Americas partners and Juan Carlos as VP, will help strengthen and develop our region to its highest potential”.  

Mr. Bernardo Entschev, President AIMS International, congratulates Cecilia in her new role and extends a warm welcome to Juan Carlos: “I am very excited to have Juan Carlos join our Executive Board.  He has been successfully growing the offices in Costa Rica, the Caribbean and recently in Panama and we are looking forward to working with him on the Executive Board.  Cecilia has become an important part of the AIMS family and is the ideal candidate to take over this important role as Head of Americas after her four year tenure as VP Latin America.”

Written by Leonie PentzVP EMEA AIMS International