Tourism and Hospitality a booming and changing Industry

Written by Paul Koglin, Associated Partner AIMS International Germany

We all like to travel – well at least most of us – and the tourism and hospitality industry is thriving because of it.

Around the globe hundreds of millions of people were travelling in 2018 as per various online statistics and with the growing population trend it is only normal to expect this number to drastically increase in coming years. Private travellers mainly drive this trend. The number of business travellers will probably stay stable.

It is now more easy than ever to book a travel, a hotel, a car or experiences at your destination. The rise of digital solutions like Airbnb, and have all made it easier and more convenient for the traveller when deciding where to go and what to book. Airbnb has been in business since 2008 and they now cover 81.000 cities in 191 countries with more than 6 mio listings.

Especially the impacts of these digital transformations as well as artificial intelligence and robotics will change this industry dramatically in the future. Learning robots will take over cleaning and other services in hotels and replace human beings. Reservation, reception and key handling will be even more automated. The luxury hotel segment will continue to grow by enabling wealthy tourists to enjoy very exclusive and individual experiences and adventures at prestigious exotic places. (If you don’t believe us: Take a look at the Yoshi hotel robot in Yotel Singapore via online search engines.)

The industry is also changing to become more environment friendly – large cruise ships will become more and more energy efficient and in some areas of the world the number of daily tourists is already being restricted. Management in the industry today has to not only be efficient, but also be able to work with many new types of employees in new organisational layouts.

The opportunities for people working in the hospitality industry is also changing to accommodate the new realty. Investors and owners of hotels and hotel chains as well as other hospitality-oriented businesses need the global talent. To assist with this, we in AIMS International offer a coverage of 50+ countries with more than 80+ offices and more than 270+ partners and consultants.

Written by Paul Koglin, Associated Partner AIMS International Germany