Written by Leonie Pentz VP EMEA, Managing Partner South Africa and Grégoire Depeursinge EVP EMEA, Managing Partner Switzerland

At AIMS we know that any business is only as good as the sum of its employees.  With our practice team leaders and entrepreneurial partners leading the way, we constantly strive to intimately understand the purpose and underscoring values of our client businesses on the one hand and developing future-fit employee engagement and employer branding strategies and processes on the other.

Today is the first in our series of short articles explaining the services we offer, when and how to use them and how we can help Hiring Managers and Business Leaders build better teams;

Episode 1 – Tailor-made Executive Search Services

Our aim is to offer real added value to our clients using collaborative tools that enable us to function as a seamless global unit. This approach guarantees quick access to expert market knowledge, efficient implementation of best practices and a faster research process. Harnessing the power of our global organisation serves not only our multinational, but also our local clients.

With decades of experience in 50+ markets, including many emerging countries, common processes adapted to the local reality, efficient practice teams and seamless cross-border cooperation, we are able to serve a great number of international clients and truly source talent globally. Our consultants involve themselves deeply in every search and are supported by in-house research teams based in the different countries. We select the best talent for your business and develop a tailor-made search strategy for each vacancy.

Your local AIMS Consultant personally knows his colleagues around the globe and will be able to select the right individuals to cover your specific need. S/he will also know whom to draw upon for expert industry or functional knowledge and be able to support you in developing a profile analysis, job specification and organisational structure where required.

We can only be successful when we truly understand your business. Therefore, at the start of our search process, we always include an in-depth analysis of each vacancy. This allow us to brief our teams efficiently and inform our candidates in a way that will attract them to the role, while simultaneously enhancing our client’s reputation. The Position analysis also forms the basis that enables our consultants to conduct structured and competency-based interviews, selecting relevant, competent candidates for your short list. Where required, this can be further reinforced by an assessment conducted by our in-house Psychologists or certified Talent Management Consultant. All AIMS offices offer a full replacement guarantee, underlining our belief in the unrivalled quality of our executive search service.


AIMS International is a leading global organisation active in Executive Search and Leadership Development.  Founded in 1992, AIMS International is active in 50+ countries today. Thanks to seamless cross border co-ordination and active and dedicated practice teams, we serve many multinational clients, sourcing and engaging with candidates worldwide and provide leadership development services to executives and their teams.