Written by Dimitris Kleftakis; VP Eastern Europe Eurasia AIMS International, Partner AIMS Hellas 

Interim managers offer comprehensive and specialised solutions for managing and implementing change programs, both in business and organisational culture. They ensure significant and immediate results by reducing uncertainty in a high-risk environment.

Over the past few years, interim managers have been increasingly used by businesses and organisations undergoing bold transformation processes. Utilising experienced interim managers can offer strategic advantages and create value for all parties involved.

Reasons for utilising an interim management service could be when a company requires the development and implementation of new service applications; ensuring a smooth transition of a business to new ownership after a takeover; shielding the operations of a troubled enterprise during the restructuring of its lending; and when facing specific challenges related to organisational change.

Reaction time, specialised skills and commitment to outcome are critical success parameters in all these cases. An interim management service can create business value and leverage stability and growth:

  • locate skilled executives quickly with industry-specific expertise and problem-solving ability
  • accountable for the result from the first day
  • objective view and management of the status quo
  • engaged in a specific target plan
  • delivers specified results within specified deadlines
  • access to executives with international experience, specialised knowledge and management skills
  • create conditions for changing culture and facilitate the appointment of suitable permanent executives

The business community faces major challenges today. On one hand, companies with high borrowing and operational problems need to implement financial and operational restructuring programs in order to survive and on the other hand dynamic businesses are stepping up their efforts for international activity and entry into new, often far more dynamic and competitive markets.

On the other hand, the need to adapt to the digital economy and more flexible business models is a key challenge for administrations.
The speed of implementing change, responding promptly to these challenges and utilising high technical and administrative capabilities are key factors in delivering a long-term strategy.

AIMS International, aiming at delivering high-quality solutions to the overall business life cycle, utilises its long-term experience in executive search and in co-operation with chosen partnerships, is able to provide integrated interim management services in most countries where we are present. This includes access to over 12,500 specialists who have been thoroughly evaluated and cover a wide range of business and business functions at executive, professional and senior management levels.

Written by Dimitris Kleftakis; VP Eastern Europe Eurasia AIMS International, Partner AIMS Hellas