Written by: Leonie Pentz, VP EMEA AIMS International

AIMS International Italy is hosting a leadership conference in Como from 21-23 March where Partners from all over the EMEA region will be gathering to discuss leadership trends in Executive Search and Talent Management.

Pierangelo Favero, AIMS International’s President and Managing Partner AIMS Italy, is looking forward to receiving Partners, Consultants  and clients from all over Europe at a prestigious client event and cocktail on Friday afternoon.

During this jam packed event, HR and business leaders and executive search experts from all over EMEA will have the opportunity to participate on topics such as; Leadership in Private Equity lead by Mr Joseph Minster, President and CEO of the Schlemmer Group, followed by Privacy Compliance and the much discussed GDPR (to be promulgated on 25 May) which will receive the spotlight by  Avv. Marco Maglio, Privacy Data and Protection Lawyer.

Prof Dr FJ Rademarcher will discuss Leadership in the digital era after which Dr Enrico Sassoon will lead a roundtable discussion with the following experts; Dr Oliviero Bernardi, Chief HR and Organization Nexi Group, Dr Andrea Ciccolini, Chief Information Officer Whirlpool Corporation – EMEA, Dr Alessandro Giglio, CEO Giglio Group and Dr Franco Valgoi, BU Director Industrial Automation Bosch Rexroth.

During the rest of the conference, AIMS Partners and Consultants will share best practice from around the globe in Executive Search and Talent Management, further enhancing the AIMS Find and Grow strategy.  This is also an opportunity for AIMS’ seven Practice Groups to meet and consolidate knowledge in their relevant industries and discuss how to improve their consulting services to clients globally.  AIMS’ newly established Board Services practice group under the helm of Mr Rolf Heeb from AIMS Germany will receive special attention, discussing an exciting new strategy around board service offerings within AIMS InternationalConsultants will also have the opportunity to receive Assessment training, developed in-house by the AIMS Talent Management team.

We all look forward to getting together in Italy’s beautiful Lake Como district; to meet up with friends, colleagues and clients during our 2018 EMEA meeting, which  promises to be superbly stimulating with topical discussions, sharing of learnings and celebration of successes.

Written by: Leonie Pentz, VP EMEA AIMS International


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