AIMS International is blazing a trail of success in the MEA region. “With numerous executive level searches successfully concluded in no less than 24 different countries in the region in the last two years, we are expanding our market share at a rapid pace”, says Leonie Pentz, Vice President MEA for AIMS International.  “We are fortunate to have Partners in the region who are leaders in search, most notably, within the FMCG, Construction, Telecoms, Industrial and Power industries.”

In addition, the AIMS model of pro-active Practice Groups in other areas such as Life Sciences and Board Services means clients can count on Partners all over the world to share their expertise and hone our recruitment team according to the clients’ requirements.  This is a huge benefit for clients, as our Consultants are on point with current trends in first world countries. We are thus able to add real value to our local clients’ staff planning and research needs based on the information that is shared across these Practice Groups.

In addition to Executive Search services, we can offer relocation assistance in most African countries as well as valuable information on costs of employment for our European, American or Asian clients who are keen to enter the MEA market for the first time.  MEA Partners all share the core expertise of recruiting for start-up teams and have thus become the go-to Executive Search Organisation for Investors to talk to.  Egypt and Morocco stand out as completing the most Country Manager/ Director searches across various (mostly African) countries, a position typical to emerging economies with our office in Turkey short on their heels.

From our South African and Lebanon offices we offer value-added services such as Executive Coaching and Executive Payroll support, amongst others.

Grégoire Depeursinge, Executive VP for the EMEA region, is of the opinion that the AIMS Partnership model is the best in-practice model executive search firm for clients in first world countries who are considering investing in emerging economies;  “With our expertise in both Eastern European and MEA markets and well-established reputable offices across first and third world economies combining their strength in a unique regional approach, there is no doubt that we offer an unrivaled service to clients who are serious about finding and growing their talent for bottom-line growth in emerging markets.”

Leonie Pentz, VP MEA