Several organizations aspire to develop a pipeline of leaders who can influence their teams and drive the business to the next level. Cultivating this kind of talent is always a challenge, even more so if you need leaders who can steer the organization through stormy waters and help it adapt or change.

Most organizations struggle to overcome change. Adapting internal processes, changing the established culture and gaining internal adherence to new standards are not easy tasks, but are necessary in a fast evolving world. There are some simple concepts leaders can use to influence their teams and tackle change.

  1. “Walk the talk” – Leaders should not only talk about change but live it, be the example. Change your own habits, challenge some concepts and stick to the new behavior.
  2. Build diverse teams by purpose – Composing teams with experts from the same industry can be limiting. Incorporate minds with different industry, functional and even geographic backgrounds. This will lead to the questioning of existing assumptions and the development of creative solutions.
  3. “Helicopter view” – Step outside the industry and role. Look at the business and segment from above. Forget the script for a little while in order to identify the needs for change and the opportunities. The outsider perspective allows the leader and his team to challenge and question pre-established concepts. Instead of asking “How can we do this better?” ask “Why do we do this in this way?” or “Is there a better way?”
  4. Unbreakable posture – The high energy level and the belief that change is necessary should be permanent. Change should permeate the whole institution and needs rhythm and persistence.

To tackle transformation in any industry requires focus and a deliberate effort and leaders who follow these simple concepts most likely will see their transformation efforts succeed.

Bernardo Entschev, Global VP & EVP Americas