A close-knit team to provide an excellent service of Executive Search

Text by Elena Marzorati – Photo by Elisa Casanova, PLATINUM MAGAZIN, July 2014

AIMS Italia belongs to the Group AIMS International, one of the major organizations working in the field of Executive Search, present in 5 continents and more than 50 countries. “AIMS Italia does not follow a rigid modus operandi that in the minds of people is often associated with a multinational company. On the contrary, flexibility is our strength, as well as orientation to customer, for which we produce deepened mapping of the market of interest to identify talent with more interesting skills. The best accuracy of service is our ultimate goal, “explain Pierangelo Favero and Eleonora Chiodelli, shareholder members of this company, which is specialized in the head hunting of manager and evaluation of human resources, and which in 15 years has grown steadily, from 8 to 25 employees and is about to usher in a new headquarter in Milano.

“Our team, dynamic and close-knit, consists of senior consultants and experienced researchers who work primarily in the areas of Life Science, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, Automotive, Retail and Luxury. Generally we work with multinational clients and it is due to their high level of satisfaction that we are often contacted by new clients through word of mouth. Our know-how is based on two pillars: the first is the evaluation of talent (we have among other things a well-structured assessment method); the second is our specialized knowledge of diversified markets, which allows us not only to identify candidates/key skills, but also to understand how the responsibility, and above all the new skills, emerging from a rapidly changing labor market, are distributed within the organizations of the benchmark companies.

The ability to understand how target market is directing in terms of organizational decisions and compensation or the emergence of new positions or expertise represent an added value we offer in our consulting to management and to HR function”. Finally, a keyword for Aims Italia is internationalism”: “But an internationalism based on a team effort between all the offices of group, within which a relationship of partnership, harmonious and effective, was established. The result? Flawless services for customers around the world”, entrepreneurs conclude.
Author: Text by Elena Marzorati – Photo by Elisa Casanova, PLATINUM MAGAZIN, July 2014

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