Austria, Vienna; Costa Rica, San José, 2014

While last years’ General Assembly of AIMS International had faced the major change in management, this year’s meeting in San José, Costa Rica, focused on the strategy vision 2017.

The panel, from left to right: Mr. Daniel Ekberg, Mr. Juan Carlos Solano, Mr. Alvaro Melendez

Flanking but important topics were the development of new services for global accounts as well as an opening event, which raised interest at nearly all international companies in Costa Rica as well as at the local press and media, based on the innovations in the HR market which were presented. Mr. Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International, and lecturer, Mr. Alvaro Melendez, an innovation expert, dictated the talk “Innovative talent in organizations”

AIMS International will improve its positioning as top Executive Search and Talent Management firm, which is in a strong competition with companies like KornFerry. Thus it plans to utilize synergies between international Executive Search and Talent Management projects in the future.

Furthermore, the partners agreed to intensify business in Asia/Pacific and the Americas with additional partners as well as further strengthening the collaboration of the Global Practice Teams.

“All these activities will contribute to an even higher client satisfaction of our domestic and international clients, as the knowledge will be deeper, shared more extensively and business networks will even become stronger on a top level”, Daniel Ekberg said.


With Peter Barkhurst, Partner at AIMS Germany being appointed as new Board member, the General Assembly strengthened the representation of the strongest global markets in the Board of the international organization.

Board members of the association are elected for a 3 year period; Peter Barkhurst succeeds Mika Hiltunen/Finland. Besides the new member, EMEA is now represented by Judit Simonyi/Hungary, Pierangelo Favero/Italy, Grégoire Depeursinge/Switzerland and the Global President Daniel Ekberg in the Board, the Americas are covered by Richard Joly/Canada and Bernardo Entschev/Brazil whereas Kevin Wallis/Australia represents Asia/Pacific.

In front of all AIMS International partners and their most important international clients in Latin America, former Vice President John W. Poracky and former President Rolf Heeb were honored for their hard work and motivation to lead AIMS International for about 6 years.



Another trophy for his “lifetime-membership” in AIMS International was given to Carlos F. Ordas, who has become one of the most known consultants for the automotive and industrial engineering sector in Spain.