AIMS International Bulgaria awarded for “Best Social Policy by a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise” by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

At a special ceremony, AIMS in Bulgaria received the prestigious award from the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum at the Annual Responsible Business Awards for 2013 in the category “Best Social Policy by a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise”.
In the highly competitive group of nominated companies and projects, AIMS won the votes of the jury with its sustainable participation over the 20 years of its existence in Bulgaria in numerous initiatives and campaigns, both on corporate, as well as on individual level.
The AIMS team expressed their belief that it is far more important to remember that the best results for the common good and welfare of the society and nature we would achieve when there is continuity in the actions and more people are joining efforts, regardless of the size of the aid.
The award is coming in the year in which AIMS celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Bulgaria.

About The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum:

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) is the leading organization in Bulgaria devoted to promoting the principles and values of corporate social responsibility (CSR). BBLF is a membership association with a large number of member companies, General meeting as a supreme body and a Managing Board as a management body. The Forum is affiliated to the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF).

About The Annual Responsible Business Awards:

The Annual Awards aim to promote the responsible behavior of business in Bulgaria. The main objective of the Awards is to give credit to companies with remarkable record in the field of corporate social responsibility and encourage other business representatives to start or further develop socially beneficial activities. The Responsible Business Awards are national and companies across the country, regardless of their size and industry, can be nominated for them.