AIMS International dedicates Vienna conference to future outlook

Vienna (Austria) – June 14, 2013. Global megatrends and their impact on talent search will be the main subject of a conference hosted by the premier executive search firm AIMS International. The event will be part of AIMS International’s annual general meeting, scheduled for June 20-22 in Vienna. The company has invited the renowned futurologist Matthias Horx as the keynote speaker.

Six megatrends

According to Horx, six megatrends are transforming the world of business as we know it.

  • Glocalization: The new wealth created in developing countries will lead to a new, multipolar world order. As firms change ownership, executives increasingly find themselves representing companies in foreign hands. Also, value-added distances will shrink and offshoring will be replaced by intelligent nearshoring.
  • Feminization: Women have caught up in terms of qualification and employers cannot ignore these valuable resources. As the male career model is outdated, companies will need to implement “flexicurity” all the way up to the executive suites.
  • Individualization: A “culture of choice” will drive a greater variety of lifestyles and concepts in the developed societies; softer, individual skills will gain importance.
  • Down-Aging: While public debate focuses on aging societies in Europe, an opposing trend involves the rejuvenation of social behavior. At the same time, linear biographies are making way for “multigraphies” involving a repetition of life phases.
  • Fitness/Mindness/Selfness: Health and well-being are taking on new meanings, personal empowerment is a key component. This new understanding will also change employees’ attitudes towards their work lives.
  • Cooperative individualism: Traditional forms of work are being deconstructed. Jobs of the future will be performed in networks and in continuously changing mobility settings.

Tomorrow’s executives will have to fill new roles, as Horx points out: “Rather than oversee and monitor staff, they will be required to moderate and facilitate the interaction of strong individuals in multinational networks – and to take an active part in social dialog.” As a result, recruitment profiles will have to change drastically. Horx: “Key skills include intercultural competencies – referring to both regional cultures and generations –, strong personal skills, and universal knowledge and education.”

Aligning executive search with future needs

AIMS International makes a point of integrating forward-looking insights like these in its business approach. “We see ourselves as strategic advisors,” explains the firm’s President Rolf Heeb, “and it is our key concern to help clients address future challenges. So, in order to provide the best possible assistance in talent acquisition and talent management, it is essential that we maintain an active dialog on the social changes affecting companies.”

Just recently, AIMS International has launched the second wave of a study on board-level competences. One key finding is that the gender gap in top management is due to diverging communication styles rather than missing qualifications. AIMS International is driving the discourse on these matters and plans to create a practical guide for organizational leaders.

The Vienna conference will provide yet another forum for debate. “We really look forward to our Megatrends conference on June 21st,” says Günther Salzmann, Manager of AIMS Austria, “which will be attended by corporate representatives from a number of countries worldwide.” Vienna was an obvious choice for this year’s event, Salzmann explains, due to its growing importance as a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. “There is a large and increasing number of high-potentials in these countries and almost half of them are women.”

Another key agenda item for the firm’s general meeting is a change in leadership: Since Rolf Heeb has completed the maximum of two consecutive 3-year terms in office, AIMS International is going to elect a new President.

Background info:

AIMS International is an executive search firm headquartered in Vienna (Austria) and operating from more than 90 offices in some 50 countries. Over 350 consultants provide executive-level talent acquisition and talent management services to major client corporations in a broad range of industries.

Matthias Horx is a leading trend researcher and futurist. He teaches at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and heads the Futurism Institute in Frankfurt/Main. Mr. Horx is the author of several bestselling books on future trends.