May 2nd, 2013 – Lima, Perú – Armando Cavero, Managing Director of AIMS Perú is going to present each month one newly appointed CEO in the leading business magazine “G de Gestion” in Perú.

Armando Cavero, Managing Partner – AIMS International Executive Search Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia has started in April 2013 to present his new column.

The intention of this column is to interview a newly appointed CEO or high profile “C” position, from the line of sight of an Executive Search Consultant and share with the readers insights of the person, his/her style and among other things, the reasons for him/her to get a new job. The column is called “RECIÉN CAZADO”, which means in English to the point “Just Hunted”.

The first interview was led with JIMMY SUNI MELGAR, the CEO of Gloria S.A.


  • Current Position: CEO Gloria S.A.
  • Previous Position: CEO Molitalia
  • B.A. Administration at Universidad del Pacifico, MBA at ESAN
  • Personal Data: Age 51, married, two daughters
  • Hobbies: Cycling


JIMMY SUNI MELGAR: “I came to Gloria to stay”

In which company did your career start and how has it developed?

My career is linked to Fast Moving Consumer Goods. I started at Pepsico, and then moved to Unique, Nicolini, Molitalia and finally to Gloria, where I expect to be until the end of my career, I want my job at Gloria to be the last one I have, I want to retire at Gloria.
Your longer-lasting job was at Molitalia. Can we say that this company could be considered as your professional “school”?
Molitalia is a company that I will always remember in a special way. I worked there for almost 16 years, and it has left its mark. It was my first time as General Manager, and if I must consider any company as such, it would absolutely be Molitalia.

What made you move from one company to another?

Challenges, without a doubt. Every time I moved to another job it was always because I found challenges that were attractive enough for me to take a chance. It is not very common to go after challenges that imply risks, but that has been a landmark in my career, especially at the beginning.

In the case of Gloria, what attracted you, was it only the challenge or was there any other consideration?

Gloria is a special challenge. I join a very successful company, a growing one that has and always had an entrepreneurial spirit; keeping that stance is something I deeply admire and most likely that is why Gloria is a different kind of challenge.

It is not your first time at a multinational company, but can Gloria also be different in that aspect?

Absolutely. I have had many jobs in subsidiaries of multinational companies but now I am at the epicenter. The constant interaction with the top corporate executives is very important to me and I am proud to see the company as a whole, from Peru outwards.

What could you say about your work style and leadership? How was it and how is it now?

I appreciate self-sufficient team members and that has not changed because I work on a full trust basis. I never step over them when I want to communicate to their subordinates, I think that is not acceptable. Regarding my style, I believe that I have become moderate, I was more impetuous and strict and this could have been clearer on my earlier positions in Finance and Administration, but since I had my first CEO position, I perceived different realities clearer. That made me mature, it helped me have a broader vision and modulate my style.

Regarding the areas in which you rely on the most now, would it be reasonable to think first about those that were not part of your F&A origins?

I believe so. The commercial and production areas are the ones that contribute the most to me. I feel closer to the logistics area, which would be like the third leg of an imaginary stool I rely on.

How do you see yourself in five years? What will Jimmy Suni be doing then?

I see myself in Perú. I see myself contributing, learning and I see myself in Gloria because I am here to stay.