March 25 – 27, 2013 – Las Vegas /USA
AIMS International as Special Sponsor of the event

Find the homepage of the WESC 2013 following this link

Over a three day period President Rolf Heeb and Executive Vice President John Poracky met with 20 executive search firms in Las Vegas to discuss AIMS International during the WESC meeting. The participating firms were from all continents of the globe. Each firm was represented by the owner(s) of their respective organization. Most of the firms had specialty or multi-specialty practices. Some of the participating companies will apply for a partnership of AIMS International in the near future. If their application process and due dilligence will be successful, this will contribute to further strenghten the international market position of AIMS International as the potential partners came from target markets as Lebanon, Philippines or from states in the USA where AIMS International is not represented today physically.

“The sponsorship of the event was very successful. There were over 100 search firms represented at the conference. Each day AIMS International was recognized and introduced at the event as the Special Sponsor and as the international search organization which it is. Rolf Heeb and me were approached by a multitude of firms wanting to introduce themselves” evaluated John Poracky the success of the sponsorship initiative.

Further more there were also a number of good presentations held at the WESC which are available to AIMS International. All AIMS International Partners can review them on the international intranet, so that the knowledge can be transfered to all partners globally.

Some impressions from the WESC 2013: