Tau Steffensen

Senior Partner

AIMS International Denmark
Gl. Kongevej 102,
1. tv.,
Frederiksberg DK-1850,


Before joining AIMS International Denmark in 2018, Tau has been working 9 years as Partner in the Executive Search industry in Denmark. At the same time Tau is an active Board member especially with in the SME segment, with more than 20 years of Board experience. Presently Tau holds one Chairman postion, which he has had for the last 4 years.

Earlier in his carrier Tau has hold a number of CXO positions and has been Managing Director for his own Manufacturing Companies from 2002 to 2008.

Tau has a great passion and interest for Board and Management Diversity and have been making several studies within this field as well as published a number of articles about Female representation in Danish Boards and C-Level position.

Tau hold a Master in Sales and Marketing as well as IMD Management training Programs. He is fluent in Danish, English and German and understand fully both Swedish and Norwegian.

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